Quick 3 Question ‘Do I Have ADHD?’ Quiz

3 Questions to Screen for Adult ADHD

Is there a better way to screen for adult ADHD? Adult ADHD expert Dr. William Dodson asks his patients 3 questions. They aren’t anything like the usual questions used to diagnose ADHD.

Powerful Secret of the VAST/ADHD Mind: Creative Innovation

Is there a specific type of brain that has a drive to create, to innovate, and results in an entrepreneurial spirit? A mind with a combination of traits that can look at the world a different way, make new connections, has a knack for out-of-the box problem solving, and makes life more beautiful and enjoyable? Meet the VAST mind.

21 Personality Types of the ADHD Mind

VAST minds are creative visionaries, passionate artists, bold explorers, deep thinking poets, independent entrepreneurs, and many other personalities.