Racing Thoughts at Night? Proven Killer of Sleep

Mind racing at night? You are not alone, there are lots of reasons for this problem and proven ways to get back on track. Racing Thoughts – Stressful Life Situations When you are stressed out your mind and body can go into a fight or flight response. When your life changes your brain is trying …

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Flammer Syndrome Treatment: Warm Up Your Life!

socked feet warming up by a fire

Freezing cold hands, low blood pressure and insomnia. Does this describe you? You might have Flammer Syndrome, a condition caused by blood vessel dysregulation. Good news, there are treatment options that can help you thrive!

Can You Meditate Lying Down? Absolutely!

woman lying on a mat and meditaing

Meditating lying down helped me start my meditation practice. I still meditate while lying down when I’m not feeling well, or relaxing with a Yoga Nidra meditation.